What is important to healthcare consumers?

consumer behavior report on paper

This annual report of consumer behavior offers a window into the many factors that people consider when they make important healthcare decisions. Quality, convenience and cost continue to weigh heavily in consumer decision-making, facilitated by an increasing reliance on internet research. In fact, the internet is now the No. 1 source of information about local doctors and hospitals. Move over, Mom and Dad. Take a seat, BFF. Although word-of-mouth still wields a powerful influence, more and more consumers are consulting government and social media sites and apps that offer a broader perspective.

The internet has also insinuated its way into the care patients seek, with 87% of National Consumer Study respondents saying they go online to research medical conditions and diagnoses. Fifty-three percent say they’ve tried solutions or treatments they found on the internet, the same percentage who say they’ve spoken to their doctor about what they found online. More worrisome: 23% of the consumers interviewed reported delaying treatment based on what they learned online.

How do caregivers cope?

First, they listen, and that’s where PRC’s 2017 National Consumer Study can help. By going beyond perceptions to actions and behaviors, the study identifies clear consumer trends that hospitals and health systems need to understand. Wrapping quality, convenience and cost into integrated healthcare solutions that resonate with consumers begins by meeting people where they’re at.

The internet-related research recounted above represents just a fraction of the insights registered in the 2017 study. Additional topics explored include hospital preference, care settings, healthcare advertising, retail health clinics, price shopping, and attitudes toward government healthcare programs. There’s more, as well.

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