What is your Word? Sparking conversations that heal and transform patients


Words have the power to heal by giving patients a voice that connects them with their caregivers and, just as importantly, to their own inner reserves of strength.

Three years ago, Kathy Curtis began asking patients to tell her THE ONE WORD that meant the most to them. As a healing artist, Kathy would then create a visual representation of that word which she would leave behind as a reminder. So far, Kathy has enriched the vocabulary of patient experience with nearly 1,300 words that have led to intimate conversations and transformative moments for nearly 1,300 patients.

Say the Word, and start the healing

Kathy Curtis, of Kathy Curtis Ink, has created a healing arts program that can not only help alleviate physical and emotional pain, but also can give patients the chance to be seen and heard. Through their stories, Kathy shares insights about: 

  1. Improving the patient experience
  2. Nurturing an environment of compassion
  3. Alleviating caregiver burnout by creating more satisfying connections with patients

In the process, she: 1) Provides a brief overview of Healing Arts research; 2) Describes how the “What is your Word?” approach evolved; and 3) Shares Word stories, the universal insights they impart, and insights you can use in your work and life. Viewing this archived webcast may help you better understand:

  • The healing power of words
  • The transformative impact a single word can have on patients
  • The empowerment that patients feel when they truly have a voice

On a deeper level, you may also see that listening to patients is a compassionate act, for them and for you.

About Our Presenter

Kathy Curtis, Healing Artist, Author and Presenter

Kathy Curtis first became interested in the healing power of creative self-expression as a teenager who loved journaling. She went on to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, followed by ongoing independent studies in mindfulness, nutrition, the mind-body connection, brain neurology, and many other elements of holistic well-being.

She spent 25 years as a marketing & communications professional for corporate and nonprofit organizations, while also facilitating self-expression programs on a part-time basis. Her programs addressed a range of physical and emotional challenges, leading participants to inner transformation through creative, mindful exploration. She is now sharing the insights she has gained with organizations wishing to enhance patient and employee well-being.

Prior to her patient-focused Word project, Kathy published a memoir and writing program called, “Invisible Ink,” for those experiencing grief after the loss of a loved one. Her words — and theirs — have helped people find peace and healing, even after years of feeling stuck in their grief.

Kathy believes that the arts heal because they:

  • Give expression to who we really are
  • Tap into the wisdom of our spiritual selves
  • Bring beauty to our humanness
  • Make us more compassionate, toward ourselves and others

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