Why Is PRC Trying to Reach Me?

Your Opinion Is Important

PRC is a research and consulting firm hired by hospitals in your area to conduct interviews about health and wellness issues. Our goal is simply to ask a few questions about the healthcare services you or someone in your family may have recently received, or to ask more general questions about the overall healthcare services available in your community.

People just like you can make a difference in improving healthcare in your community. Your contact information (phone number or email address) was selected at random because local hospitals want to know what they can do to better meet the healthcare needs of you and your family.

Opt Out

Because we aren’t selling anything, PRC is not governed by the Do Not Call List; adding your name to that national registry will not preclude you from receiving a call, an email or a text message from our company.

We realize that your privacy is important and want to respect your wishes. Should you wish not to participate in future telephone surveys sponsored by local hospitals and conducted by PRC, please complete the form below. All information is required to opt you out of future surveys.

Please note that it can take up to three weeks for your contact information to be completely removed from our system after you ask to opt out. We appreciate your patience.