Joe Inguanzo Headshot

Joe M. Inguanzo Ph.D.

President and Chief Executive Officer
Joyce Inguanzo Headshot

Joyce Inguanzo

Senior Vice President
Tom Schleff Headshot

Tom Schleff

Senior Vice President
Ken Livingston Headshot

Ken Livingston

Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer
Jan Gnida Headshot

Jan Gnida CPXP

Senior Vice President, Research Operations
Katie Owens Headshot

Katie Owens

Senior Vice President, PRC Excellence Accelerator®
Laurie Speaks Closeup Headshot

Laurie Speaks

Senior Vice President, Client Success
Cynthia King Headshot

Cynthia King Ph.D.

Senior Vice President, Physician and Employee Solutions
Audrey Page Headshot

Audrey Page CPXP

Senior Vice President, Patient Experience Solutions
Doug Bare Headshot

Doug Bare

Vice President, Client Development & Renewals
Mark Gorrell Headshot

Mark B. Gorrell

Chief Information Security Officer

Angela McKay

Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Bruce Lockwood Headshot

Bruce Lockwood

Senior Vice President, Community Health

Our Team

Janet Botkin Headshot

Janet Botkin

Director, Survey Design & Scripting
John Bowen Headshot

John Bowen

Client Success Manager
Greg Brown Headshot

Greg Brown

Director, Data Analysis and Reporting
Karla Cardoza

Karla Cardoza MPH, CPXP

Jody Castillo Headshot

Jody Castillo

Director, Qualitative Data and Coding
Jana Distefano Headshot

Jana Distefano MPH

Director, Community Health
Jennifer Kerns Headshot

Jennifer Kerns

Director, Data Analysis & Reporting
Nancy Miller Headshot

Nancy Miller

EasyView Data Consultant
Wesley Nelepovitz Headshot

Wesley Nelepovitz, Jr.

Director, Sample Management
Joe Niehaus Headshot

Joe Niehaus

Director, PX Client Services
Andrea Paseka Headshot

Andrea Paseka

Director, CAHPS and Magnet® Production
Nicole Rodriguez headshot

Nicole Rodriguez

Senior Client Service Manager
Lauren Sauma Headshot

Lauren Sauma

Community Health Project Manager
Kristy Smith Headshot

Kristy Smith

Director, Interviewing and Survey Completion
Shelby Timperley Headshot

Shelby Timperley

Client Service Manager
Ibis Valles Headshot

Ibis Valles

Engagement Consultant
Roberta Wilson Headshot

Roberta Wilson

Senior Project Manager