EasyView.com® innovates and simplifies your process for using the data and insights PRC gathers to improve your performance. Whether that means enhancing the patient experience, aligning and engaging physicians, engaging employees, differentiating your brand, or making your community a healthier place to live, EasyView makes digesting data a breeze.

Working Smarter, In Real Time

No one wants to spend their time digging through data. EasyView’s friendly interface allows you to quickly and confidently navigate the numbers to see the results you need, when you need them. And with data updating every ten minutes, you’ll never feel behind the curve. Navigating between studies is a snap with our search and selection tools, and conveniently saved reports put findings at your fingertips. Know where you’re heading with EasyView’s real-time projections of your VBP performance, all available in an integrated, single-page view. Plus, our award-winning support and training team is always available, at no additional cost, via phone, email, or live chat.

Target Tracker

“We only need one more patient to rate us as excellent to reach our goal!” Giving managers the ability to confidently share this with staff has revolutionized how our partners apply patient data to the real world. A function of EasyView, our Target Tracker gives you the power to view your goals and progress for each survey rating question on a patient by patient basis. Offering a clearer understanding of progress made over time, the Target Tracker translates data to motivate and encourage frontline staff. By showing exactly how many more responses staff need, improvement becomes an obtainable goal.

Data in a Dash

One of EasyView’s most popular features for patient loyalty studies, the Dashboard, makes it as easy as possible to use survey data and insights to accelerate effective, efficient performance. By representing data values as colors, the Dashboard shows your team's current performance at a glance. Like a stoplight, the Dashboard signals whether you should move ahead, proceed with caution, or stop and reassess what you're doing.

The Dashboard also offers the option of customizing high, medium, and low threshold rankings to align them with your performance goals. Plus, the functional flexibility allows you to decide if you’d prefer to display top box scores or percentile rankings and view department and hospital, or provider and clinic scores side by side. As these trending data populate in real time, you can confidently evaluate whether improvement initiatives are working and how to strategically adapt to changing patient needs.

Data in a Dash icon

An Easy View

"I use EasyView multiple times every day. It is so easy to get the data I need quickly to do my work. If I ever need any help the customer service is amazing."

Jeff Hendrix

Regional Director, Patient Experience, Ascension

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