We understand the pressures you face—have the most loyal physicians, the most engaged staff, and the most satisfied patients—so PRC Excellence Accelerator® places you on the path to meeting and exceeding your goals. Our team of coaches and consultants has helped hundreds of healthcare organizations and thousands of leaders, staff, and physicians find their own fast track to sustainable improvement.


Our methodology quickly and comprehensively assesses strengths to be leveraged and gaps inhibiting performance within your hospital. Following our assessment, our coaches work alongside you to create a personalized strategy for success—a strategy you can execute with or without the assistance of the PRC Excellence Accelerator® consultants.

Mapping a healthcare organization for better understanding and assessment
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We offer a rich variety of training solutions designed to support you and create lasting improvement. Our coaches and facilitators partner with your leaders and staff to identify learning objectives and competencies, devising a training plan to engage participants and drive action.


Acquire the tools your organization needs to drive results that matter. Through engaged speaking arrangements and our established improvement model, Learn.Create.Realize, we walk alongside leaders to facilitate lasting change. Further, our coaches and consultants will develop leadership, staff, and provider competencies using proven tools, design principles, and measurement systems to hone performance.

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Three people with vivid, firsthand information for an ethnography study

Ethnography Studies

Ethnography Studies immerse you in the core of patient experience, offering a unique, vivid view into PX unattainable through other methodologies. If your organization's goal is to fully understand the patient experience, no form of research surpasses ethnography for achieving experiential depth and insight.

Ethnography Studies conduct bedside observations and interviews with patients and employees to get as close as possible to viewing care in a firsthand setting. By placing ourselves in the patient’s environment for an extended period of time, we bring to light the barriers to an exceptional experience that only become visible when we see healthcare through the patient’s eyes. read more

Teamwork Coaching

Drive immediate and lasting impact with Teamwork Coaching, an innovative way to build strengths and reframe weaknesses in your organization’s performance. Using a combination of Strengthscope™ Assessment Inventory-based analysis, onsite team building, and follow-up coaching to sustain improvements, Teamwork Coaching empowers teams to leverage strengths with the goal of facilitating a higher-performing team that values every person in the workplace. read more

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Accelerating Partners

“I’m proud to connect with every partner I work alongside and help them achieve their goals. Every person is worthy of an environment where they can deliver and receive the best care.”

Katie Owens

Senior Vice President, PRC Excellence Accelerator®

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