The Coaches

Kathy Boswell Headshot

Kathy Boswell

Michelle Collis Headshot

Michelle Collis MA

Barry Fleming Headshot

Barry Fleming

Cynthia King Headshot

Cynthia King Ph.D.

Senior Vice President, Physician and Employee Solutions
Kathleen Lynam Headshot

Kathleen Lynam RN, MPA

Audrey McDonald

Katie Owens Headshot

Katie Owens MHA, CPXP

Senior Vice President, PRC Excellence Accelerator®
Audrey Page Headshot

Audrey Page CPXP

Senior Vice President, Patient Experience Solutions
Jeffery Sackrison Headshot

Jeffery Sackrison BSN, MBA M.P.A

Al Stubblefield Headshot

Al Stubblefield MS

Trevor Turner Headshot

Trevor Turner