Healthcare Leadership Award Categories

During our virtual summit on Wednesday, September 29, we’re excited to present awards to hospitals and health systems who exemplify PRC’s core values in the care and services they provide. We are inviting our partners to nominate themselves, colleagues, and key figures within their network for awards to be presented during the summit. View each of our categories below, and fill out our form to submit your leadership award nomination.


This award recognizes the health system, hospital or organization who focused on PRC’s values of collaboration, service, and innovation to impact healthcare for the general public during the COVID-19 outbreak and recovery.

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This award recognizes the organization deserving of this award has showcased efforts of growth in overall scores and most-improved response rates during their path towards Excellence.

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Healthcare Experience

This award recognizes healthcare leaders whose organizations utilized PRC solutions to ensure their healthcare excellence spans across multiple facets to cultivate strong, unified organizational health.

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Consumer & Brand

This award recognizes exceptional displays of healthcare branding that connect with their communities and convey their mission and dedication to healthcare excellence.

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Health Equity

This award recognizes the never-ending service to improve community health by focusing on local health disparities.

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Health System Loyalty

This award recognizes health systems who cultivate patient loyalty through providing excellent care that create memorable care experiences and inspire people to recommend the organization for care.

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This award recognizes healthcare professionals whose initiatives to improve their organization’s healthcare experience exemplify PRC’s core value of innovation.

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Outstanding Culture

This award recognizes organizations who focus on creating an excellent employee culture. With quality as one of PRC’s core values, we want to highlight the organization who focuses their efforts on positive environments and quality culture.

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Patient Experience

This award recognizes the PRC client who found the perfect intersection of passion and care through our Key Drivers of Excellence® to ensure excellent an patient experience within their organization.

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Patient Safety

This award recognizes healthcare leaders who establish a strong culture of patient safety within their organization and medical staff, translating to meaningful care and improved performance outcomes.

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Physician Partnership

This award recognizes health systems who excel in supporting their physician providers to create an excellent patient experience.

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This award recognizes organizations who break down the barriers between leadership and medical staff to facilitate candid communication within care teams and create a cohesive, consistent transparent culture.

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