2019 PRC National Healthcare Consumer Study

After a summer of conducting research spanning the country, the 2019 study is now available for download.

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Empowering Women Today and Tomorrow: Lessons from ASHHRA 2019

Women across different generations face different challenges, each paving a path for the young women following them. We are currently raising a generation of girls that will hopefully not experience the glass ceiling many of us have faced.

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Getting out of the rut and into the zoo: Overcoming change-resistance

When I was very young, I wanted to be a zookeeper. Not because I had a strong yen for biology or a desire to clean up after elephants, but because I was deeply indignant that going to the zoo only meant looking, not touching.

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Point in Time vs. Ongoing Surveys: Who comes out on top?

How do you collect data that is both representative and accurate, especially when it’s impossible to survey everyone in your community?

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Senior doctor with smartphone working at the office.
Online vs. Phone Surveys: Does Convenience Cause Participation and Accuracy?

Households across the country are dropping landlines and moving to cell phones. But are people on the phone less?

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Minding the Gap: How Confidence Overrides Ability for Women Leading Hospitals

Although we all know we need to widen the gender gap in healthcare, this demands more than telling women to just climb the corporate ladder—it’s about creating the confidence to do so.

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PRCcast Mondays With Mel: EP 10 – Linda Robinson

In this two-part podcast series, Linda explains the changing healthcare legislation and first-hand experiences of violence in her workplace.

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