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Nurse speaking to patient in hospital bed
Patient Rounding: A Rapid Improvement Resource

Patient rounding connects leaders & patients and gives patients confidence in the organization, the team, its leadership, & quality of care.

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Smiling healthcare professionals
What Patient Experience Excellence Looks Like with Lara Burnside

Defining patient experience excellence is at the foundation of this week’s Healthcare Experience Matters podcast episode with Lara Burnside.

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Upset nurse speaking to doctor
What it Takes to Restore a Culture of Civility in Healthcare

The need to foster healthy work environments and equip our teams with tools to broaden civility and combat incivility is at an all-time high.

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Nurse tending to newborn infant.
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star: Cradling Babies & Employees

Taumaoe Gaoteote from Santa Clara Valley Medical Center shares strategies to boost patient & employee experience as life enters the world.

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doctors and care teams treating patients
How Leadership Behavior Helps Reduce Employee Turnover

Effective leadership behavior helps build an engaged workforce resulting in high levels of enthusiasm & compassion for patients.

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Healthcare professional caring for members of the community.
Case Study: Creating a Community Focal Point

Saint Anthony Hospital’s longstanding dedication to improving the health of their community is embodied in their upcoming initiatives.

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