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Committed physician and hospital leadership working together
Understanding CMO Challenges

PRC conducted a study with physician leaders to understand the challenges physicians face, and to help us better approach these challenges.

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Nurse pushing patient in wheelchair at hospital
Goodbye Hospital Compare, Hello Care Compare

CMS announced that Care Compare (formerly Hospital Compare) will freeze site data with the October 2020 publish & not refresh until July 2021.

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Happy senior woman being cared for by a young nurse in a retirement home
OAS CAHPS Looks Ahead

During a recent OAS CAHPS vendor training, CMS anticipates approval of two new modes for conducting OAS CAHPS research.

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Contact tracer reaching COVID-19 contacts
Contact Tracing: What It Is and Why You Should Care

Contact tracing complements existing COVID-19 initiatives & adds a systematic, data-driven layer to any community’s pandemic response.

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Doctor using laptop to analyze patient comments
Coming Soon: Advanced Comment Analytics

Join us for a client-exclusive webinar where our Senior Vice President, Research Operations will introduce a new way to listen to patients.

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Filling Online Survey Form Or Questionnaire Poll On Tablet
PRC Esurveys: Frequently Asked Questions

Among PRC’s methodologies for patient experience research, the most common are phone interviews and Esurveys.

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