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Woman on phone during discharge call.
Reducing Readmissions with CARES™ Connect

Join us as we share new research surrounding CARES Connect, the impact it’s demonstrating, and how it optimizes post-discharge follow-up.

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Nurse at right bedside listening to female patient's heartbeat with a stethoscope.
Revisiting Our HCAHPS Response Rate Analysis Post-Pandemic

In response to HCAHPS scores and response rates declining during the pandemic, we revisited some of our prior research.

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Doctor speaking with patient in hospital.
What 2023 Medicaid Redeterminations Mean for Your Hospital

As Medicaid officials begin redetermining coverage and eligibility, millions of patients nationwide face losing their health insurance.

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Joseph, Oregon community
Success Story: Overcoming Deaths of Despair in Rural Communities

The Wallowa County Health Care District partnered with PRC to administer a CHNA, revealing alarming behavioral health findings.

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doctor and patient during outpatient surgery
OAS File Review For CPT/G Codes

CMS has identified CPT codes and a few specific G-codes as the primary criterion used to identify eligibility.

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Street corner representing PRC's Consumer & Brand solutions
Exploring Disparities in Urban and Rural Healthcare Markets: A Closer Look at PRC’s National Consumer Study Data

In reviewing the data, it’s clear that disparities between urban & rural markets persist, particularly when it comes to access in healthcare.

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