Trends & Implications with Nursing Engagement

Through diligent research, Dr. King and Leigh Ann Bradley dispelled nursing myths and found trends in generations focusing on engagement. In this study, they detail the findings, discuss tactics, and offer strategies for your organization to improve nursing engagement.

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How You’re Mistakenly Devaluing Efforts to Improve Patient Experience

The positive correlation between Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and System (HCAHPS) dimension scores and response rates accentuates the need for hospitals to have strong response rates for HCAHPS.

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PRCcast Mondays With Mel: EP PX – Patient Experience Week

SURPRISE! We wanted to start off Patient Experience Week with an extra special bonus episode of our PRCcast, Mondays With Mel.

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VOICES: Hear Your Patients Celebrating Their Experiences

VOICES is a one-of-a-kind app where healthcare leaders can hear the experiences of patients, in the unique voice of the patient.

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We Focus Healthcare Differently

Sometimes it’s hard to understand why you do what you do. PRC wants to help define the factors that make the most impact.

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The Beryl Institute Patient Experience Conference: To Care is Human

Each spring The Beryl Institute holds the Patient Experience Conference to support leaders improving the patient experience across various roles.

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Building Sustainable Collaborations: Lessons Learned from Two High Functioning Collaboratives

This webinar will explore the characteristics of a coalition that has sustained a long-standing, cross-sector partnership in communities including structure, approach to community health assessments, and collaborative projects.

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