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We started Mondays With Mel one year ago with the goal of giving even the smallest voices in healthcare a platform to share their stories.

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Night shift nursing: Not your typical 9-5’s

Healthcare jobs are not usually your typical 9-5 experience. The healthcare business runs on a 24/7 schedule with shifts that run an average of 8-12 hours.

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Adverse Childhood Events Impacting Community Health

For too many, childhood trauma is an unfortunate reality, and for even more Americans it’s part of a growing public health crisis.

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Healthcare Reviews Part One: How to Read them and How to Write a Good One

With most Americans happily spending increasing amounts of time on their smartphone, it’s no surprise that each year sees a rise in people finding doctors based on word of mouth and online reviews.

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The Healthcare Burnout Crisis: Exploring Solutions

The effects of physician and employee burnout can be disastrous, both for your team and your patients. What can you do to prevent it?

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Minorities in Healthcare: Adjusting with the Times and Paving the Path for Healthcare Diversity

The United States, by its very nature, constantly undergoes significant demographic change. By 2050, the current minorities, or non-white population, in the United States will become the majority.

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PRCcast Mondays With Mel: Disrupting Healthcare Innovation with Dr. Trevor Turner

From horses to humans, Dr. Trevor Turner is disrupting traditional views on medicine. As a physician and PRC Excellence Accelerator coach, Trevor has a passion for surgical alternatives and stirring up some dust…literally.

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