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Mother and son welcoming and opening door
Case Study: Fostering Health Equity by Creating Equitable Housing

St. Joseph’s Health led the creation of equitable housing with access to healthcare resources to serve their community beyond hospital walls.

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Person with diabetes measuring blood sugar level
PRC’s National Health Survey Brief: Diabetes in the US

PRC’s National Health Survey finds 13.8% of American adults are diabetic, and 9.7% who are prediabetic or are “borderline” diabetic.

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patient speaking to doctor in doctor's office
Seeing the Big Picture in CG-CAHPS Survey Administration

While point-of-care surveys have their perks, a bigger picture presents itself when considering other methodologies for CG-CAHPS.

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Healthcare workers huddled together as a team.
What Football Can Teach Us About Healthcare Branding

Amid the football season, we explore the similarities between successful, popular NFL teams and hospitals with strong brands.

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Nurse tending to newborn infant.
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star: Cradling Babies & Employees

Taumaoe Gaoteote from Santa Clara Valley Medical Center shares strategies to boost patient & employee experience as life enters the world.

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Doctor speaking to patient in office
The Importance of Patient Experience on Consumer Perceptions

Branding is not just for clothes, soft drinks, or other consumer goods; it’s extremely important for healthcare institutions as well.

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