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Defining Action Alerts

Your organization will receive a notification if someone mentions a serious situation during a patient experience survey.

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Client Spotlight: Positioning an Employee Culture for Excellence

Through strong leadership and utilization of PRC insights, York General has seen sustained improvements in employee culture indicators.

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HCAHPS Care Compare Percentiles

Updated November 2023 – January Through December 2022 Discharges

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What Patient Experience Data Has Revealed Since the Pandemic Started

The Healthcare Experience Matter Podcast examines shifts in data within patient experience trends since the start of the pandemic.

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Creating a Culture of Mutual Care and Mutual Respect
Creating a Culture of Mutual Care and Mutual Respect

This conversation tackles compassion fatigue & shapes clear expectations for the shared responsibility between colleagues & customers.

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A Pandemic’s Effect on Health in the US

Explore COVID-19’s lingering impact on communities across the country with data from PRC’s National Health Survey.

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