Gather Insights from Multiple Perspectives

PRC’s DEI Pulse Studies provide a multi-layered, bird’s eye view on DEI in your workplace. This includes measuring employees’ perceptions of how DEI is treated in their workplace, their own perceptions of inclusion and belonging among their cohort, and overall perceptions of engagement to their organization. While pulse studies are typically shorter by nature, this approach provides organizations with an overview of insights to address DEI from any level.

Three employees coming together in a relaxed workplace atmosphere
Heart inside of timer as a reminder to conduct periodic studies

Capture the Ongoing Pulse

PRC’s pulse studies provide organizations with a concise, easy-to-administer research solution to take a high-level snapshot, or “pulse” of a particular topic. For employees, this means a quick and user-friendly Esurvey experience. For organizational leadership, pulse studies thrive when reconducted over a period of time to measure progress in ongoing efforts. Just as DEI is an ever-developing topic, DEI Pulse Studies allow you to collect insights at any time to ensure your organization evolves alongside the continued DEI conversation.

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