For better or worse, employee engagement and patient experience enjoy a symbiotic relationship. By pinpointing exactly where those scores intersect, PRC Engagement Link® pioneers the way you see the bigger picture. From there, our teams can help identify the best strategic direction for each unique unit and department.

Retain Top Talent

Employee engagement and patient experience have a direct relationship that, when viewed collectively, provide meaningful insight into both your hospital’s patient areas and overall work environment. The Engagement Link® examines the interaction between employee engagement and patient experience data, allowing frontline managers to dive deeper into action planning that, in turn, will make their departments and nursing units thrive.

Statistical Success

After conducting both an Employee Engagement and a Patient Experience study for your hospital, our statistical experts determine an engagement and percentile rating for each unit. This analysis provides insight into how teams work together, how employees perceive their work environment, and how patients rate their overall care. Our coaches and consultants then apply this information and provide custom solutions to take your hospital to the next level.

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Linking Engagement

"The direct correlation between our work with PRC, employee engagement and our improved patient care scores is undeniable. We have proudly set a new bar of excellence and will continue to do so in order to provide the quality of care our patients deserve."

Teresa Rascoe

Executive Director of Organizational Development & Culture, Owensboro Health

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