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No Place Like Home: Social Determinants and Sustainable Housing

Understanding housing’s effect on health is critical for effective community health planning, so it should come as no surprise that experts are taking multiple steps to ensure vulnerable populations have a place they can call home.

UPDATED: Flattening the “Second Curve”: Bracing for the Mental Health Impact of COVID-19

CredibleMind CEO, Deryk Van Brunt, DrPH, presents the importance of mental health—something he considers to be a “crisis in our communities.”

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Measure Social Determinants & Health Equity

Regardless of the community, the distribution of health among residents is never equal, nor is there always equal opportunity for all residents to achieve and maintain health. Identifying and addressing social, economic, and environmental factors is critical in improving community health and addressing longstanding disparities in health and healthcare. Our CHNA, with its strong and customizable primary data component, allows you to understand these challenges with granularity and in ways you never could before. read more

Collaborate & Engage

Not only does the PRC CHNA engage and give voice to hundreds of community residents, it also offers an innovative approach to getting greater input from your community stakeholders. Engaging these key informants at multiple stages of the process brings in a broad, experiential perspective of health and allows you to build or strengthen these important community connections. To assist clients post-CHNA, we also offer a variety of resources to create implementation documents, identify evidence-based practices, and develop targeted programs. read more

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Go Beyond IRS & Accreditation Requirements

Not-for-profit hospitals partnering with PRC can be confident in achieving a CHNA report that details local health needs and meets all related IRS Section 501(r)(3) requirements. Collaborating public health departments also achieve an important step toward meeting accreditation requirements. But beyond this, the richness of PRC’s data—accompanied by our tools for analysis and community sharing—means you can do so much more than just “check a box.” Our work in hundreds of communities across the county demonstrates actionable data engaged in countless ways to improve the lives of residents. read more

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