Through these calls, your hospital has an opportunity to identify errors and reduce readmission, boost patient loyalty, cultivate an effective feedback loop for hospital leaders, and reinforce your commitment to healthcare excellence.

Caring hands to ensure patient stays safe

Create Safer Patient Outcomes

Patients with negative perceptions of involvement in their care and written discharge instructions have a 54% higher chance of readmission than those with positive perceptions. Further, 82% of hospitals faced readmissions penalties in 2019.

These statistics shed light on the safety, emotional, and economical costs to unnecessary readmissions, so CARES Connect works to ensure your patients are equipped for their transition home from the hospital, emergency department, or ambulatory care environment.

Create a Real-Time Feedback Loop

Our CARES-certified interviewing team connects with patients as early as within 24 hours of discharge and verify patient adherence with discharge instructions. In addition to improving patient experience, CARES Connect can further a culture of patient safety by probing for risks that may result in readmission and determining instances where further support is needed. All call outcomes, including any risks, are reported to you on PRC’s online risk reporting platform,, which updates in real time to ensure timely management of post-discharge risks.

Consistent feedback loop in healthcare
Increased mental productivity from lightened workload

Lighten Managerial Burden

Most organizations are working on some form of discharge calls, costing significant staff time and resources without getting the maximum benefit. The combination of CARES Connect and PRC AlertView reporting lifts managerial burden by giving hospital leaders an accessible tool to triage post-discharge risks, collect data to meet accreditation requirements, and ultimately reduce hospital readmission rates.

Show Your Dedication to Patient Wellbeing

PRC’s CARES Connect platform has been life-altering for our patients. Not only has it increased satisfaction, but it has also increased the trust patients have in our organization. Our organization now has the opportunity to care for our patients even after they go home, providing additional support and creating a deeper, lasting connection. Improving quality, decreasing risk, and providing the opportunity for quick service recovery, CARES Connect has helped elevate our organization.

Susan Knox, RN, BSN

Director of Quality Management & Patient Experience, Genesis Healthcare System

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