Reputation Management

More and more, the public is flocking to the internet and social media in order to assess their healthcare options. Take your online experiences to the next level by putting your outstanding experiences front-and-center with PRC. read more

Voices® for Consumer & Brand

The voice of your consumers is more than a data point. It is a story that can propel your brand strategy and generate meaningful connections and loyalty. To equip you for success, we have honed the latest in advanced consumer impression management to highlight the stories contained in qualitative feedback for defining, revising, and validating your brand strategy. PRC’s acclaimed Voices® tool provides unprecedented insight based on factors such as tone and inflection to give you a nuanced understanding of your audience's perceptions in your Consumer and Brand Studies. read more

We are experts

From planning to execution; from analysis to reporting, PRC’s research design team understands that trustworthy data isn’t born overnight. read more

We are reliable

Reaching your local community requires more than off-the-shelf research. PRC delivers comprehensive market assessments based on research for your specific service area. read more

We are your partner

Just as research is more than data, consulting is more than generic advice. We’re here to understand your unique community, culture, needs, and goals. read more

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Your dedicated project manager is happy to help with anything from starting a survey to applying for conference speaking positions. read more


2023 PRC National Healthcare Consumer Study on a desk
2023 PRC National Healthcare Consumer Study

The 2023 PRC National Consumer Study looks at trends of how consumers nationwide feel about the state of healthcare in their own communities.

Street corner representing PRC's Consumer & Brand solutions
Exploring Disparities in Urban and Rural Healthcare Markets: A Closer Look at PRC’s National Consumer Study Data

In reviewing the data, it’s clear that disparities between urban & rural markets persist, particularly when it comes to access in healthcare.

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Community Health Needs Assessment

Community Health Needs Assessment

Bringing expertise and passion to each assessment, PRC gets to the heart of your local health disparities and what exactly they mean for your neighbors. read more

Employee Experience

Employee Experience

Addressing the most critical areas for your employees, healthcare leaders utilize custom data and reporting tools to affect positive, sustainable change. read more

Patient Experience & Government Surveys

Patient Experience & Government Surveys

PRC’s industry-leading response rates drive patient experience toward excellence, all while maximizing value-based purchasing reimbursement. read more

Physician Partnership Solutions

Physician Partnership Solutions

A hospital is only as strong as its physicians; PRC transforms insights into action plans, making your organization an excellent place to practice medicine. read more