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Employee Engagement Study

Employees can make or break a patient’s experience, so having employees fully engaged with their work can make all the difference. PRC’s Employee Engagement Assessment empowers organizations to gather, understand, and act on employees’ reported levels of engagement. We uniquely situate our experts to not only tell you exactly where you stand with your current workforce, but also to incorporate national and historical insights that personalize a roadmap for your organization to take your employee engagement to the next level.


The American Nurses Credentialing Center’s (ANCC) Magnet Recognition Program® highlights exceptional nursing initiative and leadership. Applying for Magnet® designation is no easy undertaking, but we’re here to help. PRC understands that the ever-changing nature of healthcare means your path to nursing excellence never really ends, so we combine your data with our expertise to ensure your best shot at Magnet® designation.

Every client that PRC has guided through the ANCC submission process has attained Magnet® honors, thanks to our partners’ unwavering hard work and commitment. If your organization is committed to attracting and retaining exceptionally talented nurses; improving patient care, safety, and experience; and achieving organizational goals and financial success, contact our experts or click here to learn more.

NQAI Study

The Nurse Quality Assessment Inventory (NQAI) is designed to empower nurse leaders with a thorough assessment and adaptive solutions to improving work culture and retention of engaged nurses. Insights from the NQAI can be used to make important leadership decisions, and the research is particularly beneficial when applying for the Magnet Recognition Program®. Altogether, the NQAI helps hospitals create and maintain an engaging work culture that buffers the effects of a high-stress job and supports its nurses.

Onboarding Study

PRC conducts onboarding studies with the organization’s newly hired employees to determine what has gone well and where there are opportunities within the hiring and onboarding processes. This data provides valuable insights to reduce first-year turnover and retain employees and can be customized your organization's unique onboarding experience.

Two employees in an exit interview speaking about time spent in an organization
Two employees in an exit interview speaking about time spent in an organization

Exit Study

Multiple factors contribute to an employee leaving an organization, so PRC’s Exit Studies reveal candid dialogue about the reasons behind an employee’s exit and how long that employee considered leaving. This intel provides crucial insight into turnover, retention, and where improvements with engagement should be implemented.

360 Reviews

Not all 360-degree feedback processes are created equal, gathering feedback is simply the first step. Along with our customizable survey instrument, at PRC we use our proven Key Driver® and Action Planning process to provide a customized set of developmental recommendations to enable the creation of personalized development plans.  

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Engagement Link®

For better or worse, the employee and patient experience enjoy a symbiotic relationship. By pinpointing exactly where those scores intersect, PRC Engagement Link® pioneers the way you see the bigger picture. From there, our teams can help identify the best strategic direction for each unique unit and department. read more

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