At PRC, we strive to understand your organization’s unique needs. Together, we uncover exactly what you need to transform the insights revealed in a variety of Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS®) surveys into action plans to promote excellence in the care you deliver.


PRC is the nation’s largest privately held healthcare-exclusive research firm, and the only industry leader measuring excellence. Core CAHPS survey questions do not measure excellence, but providers can customize supplemental items to address loyalty and more effectively analyze where to invest resources to improve performance.



CMS recognizes the value of patient feedback in helping eligible professionals, group medical practices, and shared savings accountable care organizations assess the quality of care they provide. By partnering with the CAHPS Consortium, CMS has created a CAHPS for MIPS survey instrument to measure patients’ perceptions of the quality of care they receive. Read More


Although Child HCAHPS is not currently a government-mandated survey, it likely will be in the future. Getting started now provides children’s hospitals and general acute care hospitals treating pediatric patients a leg up on their competition—while improving the experience of their pediatric patients and their families alike. Read More

Emergency Department CAHPS

Emergency departments handle 28 percent of all national acute care visits. After patients are triaged and treated, many transition from the ED into the hospital, emphasizing the critical role EDs play in creating patients’ perceptions of care. Hospitals have one chance to create a first impression, and the ED team often becomes the face of care. 

As a result, in July 2020, CMS released the ED Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS®) Survey, formerly known as ED Patient Experiences with Care (EDPEC) Survey. The ED CAHPS® survey explores the care received by adults discharged to home in just 35 questions.

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Hospital CAHPS

The intent of the government’s HCAHPS survey is simple: to provide an easy way for consumers to make “apples-to-apples” comparisons between hospitals when they choose where they want to receive care. Choosing PRC commits your organization to enhancing patient perceptions, driving greater loyalty, and improving institutional performance. Read More

Home Health CAHPS

As the home healthcare industry grows, PRC continues to help home health agencies design custom research to collect and understand patients’ perceptions of skilled home care. In addition to satisfying federal reporting requirements, our partners apply these insights to treatment protocols to increase quality and drive loyalty. Read More

Hospice CAHPS

Hospice CAHPS provide standardized information about perceptions of the care that was delivered to deceased hospice patients from the perspective of the patients themselves and their caregivers. This allows consumers to use critical measurements to compare the quality of care provided by different hospices, incentivizing hospices to improve quality of care by enhancing accountability and increasing transparency. Read More

In-Center Hemodialysis CAHPS

Although CMS has published comparative clinical information about the performance of dialysis centers since 2001, until recently, patient experience has never been reflected in the data. The ICH CAHPS Survey measures the experiences of people receiving in-center hemodialysis care from Medicare-certified dialysis facilities. Filling this information gap allows healthcare consumers to assign greater value to patient experience than clinical data. Read More


The number of facilities performing outpatient surgery within hospital outpatient surgery departments (HOPDs) or free-standing ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) over the past several years has skyrocketed. This steadily increasing demand has underscored a critical need to provide healthcare consumers with statistically valid data to compare the performance of outpatient surgical facilities from the patient’s perspective, motivating CMS to introduce the OAS CAHPS survey. Read More

Primary Care First Patient Experience of Care

The PCF PEC survey contributes to payment model options nationwide for primary care sites. These models aim to improve quality of care and access to care, while reducing Medicare spending by avoiding unnecessary inpatient admissions. Read More

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