At PRC, we believe that different problems demand different solutions and have grown a team dedicated to creating that reality for our partners. We take our partnerships very seriously and act as an extension of our client, and we are confident that we will build a collaborative, strong partnership with your public health initiatives to ensure maximum success.

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COVID-19 Response

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, PRC has been a dedicated partner to public health departments and organizations across the country in meeting their COVID-19 needs, from contact tracing to vaccine support.

We ensure our call center staff lead professional, courteous, hardworking communication to prevent further spreading of the virus during contact tracing initiatives, which extends to inbound and outbound hotline services for vaccine awareness. We work in lockstep with public health authorities on providing timely information to the public, especially as new boosters become available to the public to further mitigate COVID-19 risk.

Amid the prevalence of new COVID-19 variants and new vaccine boosters to combat the virus, we also specialize in providing vaccine monitoring and testing management for organizations to track vaccination records and view up-to-date COVID testing results, ensuring you have a simplified, all-in-one view to your organization's COVID-19 safety.

Immunization Outreach and Campaigns

At PRC, we have extensive experience conducting research within communities and provider practices to understand why residents are not getting vaccinated. We leverage this expertise to conduct vaccine education programs and educate the community around the importance of vaccines, as well as education for providers on how to speak to patients about the importance of vaccines. With the data we collect, our public health experts work alongside your team to design a plan and strategy for educational campaigns and messaging that resonate with patients and providers alike.

Contact us to speak with a PRC expert about how we can develop immunization outreach and campaigns specific to the people you serve.

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PRC Community Pathways

An expansion of our CHNA research, the PRC Community Pathways program utilizes a community behavioral health survey to collect and analyze unique service area data focused on a variety of factors, including, but not limited to stigma, substance use, isolation/loneliness, depression, and health equity. read more

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Community Health Needs Assessment

Bringing expertise and passion to each assessment, PRC gets to the heart of your local health disparities and what exactly they mean for your neighbors.
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Simplify your process for using your PRC data by accessing it all through one easy-to-use platform. read more®

Make your community health intel accessible to everyone. read more

Patient Experience & Government Surveys

PRC’s industry-leading response rates drive patient experience toward excellence, all while maximizing value-based purchasing reimbursement. read more