PRC, a national healthcare research and consulting firm in Omaha, NE, is working to help Crush the Curve of the COVID-19 health crisis. Our Contact Tracers are professional, courteous, hardworking individuals working on this impactful initiative, and together, we will prevent further spreading of the virus.

What is a Contact Tracer?

Contact Tracers use a web-based client resource management platform to connect with current COVID-19-infected residents and identify people they may have been in contact with while infected. From there, Contact Tracers reach out to identified contacts, informing them of their potential exposure and advising them to self-quarantine. read more

Importance of Contact Tracing

Contact tracing is a long-proven methodology, and with the virus displaying little-to-no symptoms in some people, this role is especially important in preventing unidentified spreading of the virus when the infected is unaware.

PRC’s Proactive COVID-19 Approach

Over 40 years of experience in healthcare research have well prepared us to join the fight against COVID-19. We train our Contact Tracers to provide a thorough, empathetic interviewing experience, and schedule out our Contact Tracers throughout the entire day to ensure we contact anyone with potential exposure.

In addition to contact tracing, PRC offers multiple coronavirus-inspired solutions to hospitals and health systems across the country. Visit our Insights page to discover more of PRC’s COVID-19 resources.

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Available Positions

PRC is not hiring additional Contact Tracers at this time. We appreciate your interest in helping us Crush the Curve of COVID-19 and encourage you to view our current job listings.