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CMS Publishes OPPS Final Rule

CMS published an OPPS final rule in the Federal Register which contains important information for several different programs.

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CMS Finalizes Expanding Home Health CAHPS VBP

In a recent Federal Register final rule, CMS finalized including all Medicare-certified home health agencies in an HH VBP Model.

Response Rates

Research shows higher response rates are associated with better HCAHPS scores. PRC clients consistently achieve response rates higher than the national average, providing hospitals with more accurate scores. read more

Engagement & Unification

The complexity of healthcare requires you to view your organization from multiple angles. That's why PRC synthesizes patient research in order to offer the best in healthcare engagement. read more

Medical Group Measurement

CG-CAHPS surveys assess patients’ recent experiences with physicians and providers, physician practices, or medical groups and clinics, enabling healthcare consumers to make informed decisions. read more


With expertise across the board, PRC can help clients navigate a sea of government-required surveys while capitalizing on opportunities to improve performance through custom research for achieving excellence. read more

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Key Drivers of Excellence®

Focus your efforts to reap the highest return on your energy. PRC’s Key Drivers of Excellence® identify which factors in your research have the greatest influence over your overall scores. Knowing this helps you focus your resources to maximize performance improvement and return on investment. read more

Engagement Link®

For better or worse, employee engagement and patient experience enjoy a symbiotic relationship. By pinpointing exactly where those scores intersect, PRC Engagement Link® pioneers the way you see the bigger picture. From there, our teams can help identify the best strategic direction for each unique unit and department. read more

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Excellence & Loyalty

PRC’s data and insights guide your organization towards excellence to drive patient loyalty and strengthen your brand in today’s competitive marketplace. As dedicated partners, our team works with you to customize your research design and meet you where you are to best support your strategic goals. read more

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Community Health Needs Assessment

Community Health Needs Assessment

Bringing expertise and passion to each assessment, PRC gets to the heart of your local health disparities and what exactly they mean for your neighbors. read more

Consumer & Brand

Consumer & Brand

PRC’s comprehensive Consumer & Brand Study provides you with reliable data to understand how your hospital’s services stack up against the competition. read more

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Addressing the most critical areas for your employees, healthcare leaders utilize custom data and reporting tools to affect positive, sustainable change. read more

Physician Partnership Solutions

Physician Partnership Solutions

A hospital is only as strong as its physicians; PRC transforms insights into action plans, making your organization an excellent place to practice medicine. read more