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PRC empowers healthcare organizations to drive excellence, the gold standard in healthcare. We listen to caregivers and the people they serve, translate feedback into action, and coach leaders to drive results.

Trusted Insights

Trusted Insights

With industry-leading response rates, it’s no wonder our clients see stronger organizational growth and success in reaching mission goals.

Practical Tools

Practical Tools

Never feel lost in your results. Our suite of resources and award-winning support distills your data to top priorities, empowering you and our consultants to deliver sustainable change.

Strategic Advice

Strategic Advice

Our Excellence Accelerator® team stems from some of the country’s top healthcare organizations, always prioritizing your organization’s unique needs.

Latest Resources

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CARES™ Connect: Rethinking How Your Hospital Approaches Readmissions

PRC’s CARES™ Connect solution is designed to support healthcare teams with safer transitions home for patients and reinforcing trust.

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Defining Action Alerts

Your organization will receive a notification if someone mentions a serious situation during a patient experience survey.


Community Health

With over 25 years of Community Health Needs Assessment experience, PRC is the expert partner to help you best understand health disparities and needs and what they mean for your community. Our solutions monitor population health and offer localized data for your hospital’s service area—all while satisfying IRS requirements, establishing health improvement priorities, and informing your community benefit activities. read more

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Consumer & Brand Study

Staying on top in the marketplace—or developing tactics to get there—depends on knowing how your consumers think and make their healthcare decisions. PRC’s Consumer and Brand Study provides you with reliable data and experienced coaching for uncovering which hospitals consumers consider to be the best for specific services, measuring the effectiveness of a recent advertising campaign, and learning what is most important to consumers when they select a hospital. read more

Employee Experience

PRC Employee Experience Studies and Engagement Link® don’t just tell you where your employee culture needs to grow. Whether your challenges are retention, burnout, or obtaining Magnet® certification, our talent management solutions assist. Providing predicative analytics of the cultural improvements which most impact your scores, as well as organizational, supervisory, and team-level reports, you’ll discover exactly what makes your employees tick. read more

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Patient Experience & Government Surveys

The increased accountability and transparency driving today’s consumer-based healthcare marketplace require a partner attuned to organizational objectives, proficient at navigating government requirements, and focused on delivering transformational insights and thought leadership. Our industry-leading response rates and world-class coaching deliver maximum value-based purchasing reimbursement. Don’t get lost in the red tape; our expert team is always available to help you navigate every step of your loyalty, patient experience, and government surveys. read more

Physician Partnership Solutions

As a thought leader in physician partnership solutions, we thrive when coaching leadership teams as they transform insights into action. See increased admissions, stronger physician collaboration, and sustainable organizational goals, all while strengthening recruitment and decreasing burnout. From physician-convenient, to consulting that fits your unique needs, our physician partnership solutions accelerate your path to engaged excellence. read more

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HCAHPS response rate compared to national average of 22%



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